Wipro Technologies


Industry: IT

Location: India

Products Used: Web Security

Wipro Technologies Implements Websense® to Help Manage Web Threats and Improve Policy Management

We needed to ensure that malware and spyware did not get entry into our systems and that employees were not accidentally accessing inappropriate sites

J. Pazhamalai, GM, Information Risk Management, Wipro

Wipro Technologies is a global service provider in IT services and other services such as technology infrastructure, consulting and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). It has approximately 95,000 employees (U.S., Europe, Canada, and Japan and 54 development centres worldwide).

The Problem

All the offices of Wipro Technologies across the globe are connected by LAN points, which link approximately 60,000 desktops and laptops and 1,900 servers. The company’s internal IT team of approximately 700 professionals centrally manage their IT infrastructure from Bangalore. This team caters to all of Wipro employees’ as well as customers’ IT needs, for all locations across the globe. While the implementation of various policies has been taken care of by the different locations themselves, the policies are managed from Bangalore.

One of the main challenges faced by Wipro in terms of security was the accidental access to malware and spyware by employees. Employees would inadvertently allow in malware, which could put the entire business at risk, or cripple the systems. “We needed to ensure that malware and spyware did not get entry into our systems and that employees were not accidentally accessing inappropriate sites,” says J Pazhamalai, GM, Information Risk Management, Wipro.

The Solution

In the wake of such Web threats, Wipro evaluated and deployed Websense® Web Security across all its 25 locations in India. “Websense is a market leader as far as Internet filtering is concerned,” adds Pazhamalai.

Wipro had discussions and demonstrations with the Websense team about product features of Websense Web Security. Then Wipro’s team of IT professionals installed it internally on three gateways.

During the installation, the employees expressed some concerns regarding Net access provisions. With the implementation of Wipro’s security policies, these concerns were addressed. Awareness regarding the risks associated with free Internet access was created and data security was given top priority. Presently, Wipro’s IT team manages the product. Post deployment, the company has not faced any major security issues.

“Firstly, Websense classifies websites into a large number of categories — over 90 — which really helps us in formulating our Internet policy. Secondly, Websense regularly updates blacklisted websites which helps in the reformulation of IT policies as per the current requirement and lastly, policy decisions are left to the customer for implementation on their specific business needs,” elaborates Pazhamalai.

The Results

After the deployment of Websense Web Security at Wipro, the security has been greatly enhanced. The company has benefited immensely after the installation of the Websense product in terms of minimised access to unwanted sites and unauthorised channels. This has resulted in better use of bandwidth, as well as an increase in the productivity of employees.

Wipro Technologies wanted a Web security solution to reduce the risks associated with giving its employees unrestricted Internet access, and chose Websense Web Security. Categorising websites is now far simpler, making it easier to set down policies for access. Regular updates of blacklisted websites helps in ensuring better information security risk management. Wipro Technologies has seen a decrease in the access of unwanted and unauthorised sites and improved network bandwidth usage.

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