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Let's Make Blogging Fun Again

Posted: 26 Jun 2007 07:59 AM | Defensio, the blog | no comments

Why has commenting on blogs become such a pain in the neck lately? Why are there so many hoops and hurdles to jump through? We certainly wouldn't tolerate such nonsense in the "real world", so why has it become par-for-the-course in the blogosphere? Consider the following analogy: You've just finished an expensive meal at a decent restaurant, but you're less-than-satisfied. The steak you ordered came shoe-leathery and dry rather than juicy and tender like you'd requested. You want to let management know. Filling out a comment card seems like the right thing to do, so you pull out your trusty astronaut pen and fill out the feedback form that was left with your bill. Now, would you stand for any of the following? The restaurant makes you register in their customer database before accepting your comment card The Maitre D' asks you decipher some jumbled letters and numbers he's scratched onto a napkin The manager requests that you prove your mathematical mettle by summing 2 + 5 On your first visit, the chef insists that he size you up to make sure your comment card will be worthy Months after visiting the restaurant, a crank caller dials you up and says "Nice!" Not infrequently, your comment card gets tossed out with the day's trash Acceptable? No way! Yet, sadly, this seems to be the way of the blogosphere today: many bloggers insist that readers register in order to take part in the conversation; others use captchas or simple cognitive tests to stop bots; others still, choose to moderate first time posters. And who hasn't had to deal with those seemingly random one-word comments ( Cool! ) on ancient posts? Worst of all, some perfectly good comments will invariably find their way into a black hole. Quite frankly, it's become an embarrassingly convoluted process... all because of one seemingly innocuous word: SPAM. The fact that nearly 95% of comments are spam (yes, that's more than 9 out of 10) means that bloggers have had to do whatever it takes to get spam under control. The methods used however create unnecessary friction (and headaches!) which dampen the conversation and make blogging less fun than it could be. We want to change that. We want to worry about your blog spam so you don't have to. We want to make blogging fun again. Stay tuned , we'll be live soon. However, if you're impatient (and like to be on the bleeding edge) you might be interested in beta-testing the Defensio system. Sign-up at Defensio.com today!

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