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Defensio Does OpenID

Posted: 20 Jan 2008 04:00 PM | Defensio, the blog | no comments

Big day for Defensio! Why? Because we're rolling out a boatload of new functionality: OpenID First off, we're pretty jazzed to announce that Defensio now supports OpenID ! This is big news for you blog owners out there because you should see your accuracy improve even further; and it's big news for all you developers because you now have one more reason to add OpenID support to your app. For those of you unfamiliar, OpenID is essentially an open standard that allows you to log into participating web applications using a single URL to represent your identity. Practically speaking, this means you only need to remember one web address to represent yourself anywhere on the web, rather than a bunch of different login/password combinations. That's a good thing! If you're a WordPress blogger, getting started couldn't be easier. You'll simply need to install the WP-OpenID plugin and grab the latest version of Defensio . After that, whenever a commenter drops a comment on your blog using his/her OpenID URL, this information will be sent to our servers and automagically treated (cleverly!) in our filtering algorithms. On the developer side, we've incremented our API to version 1.2 to reflect the fact that the 'audit-comment' method now accepts the new 'openid' parameter. Pretty simple, n'est-ce pas ? And while OpenID logins are not quite ready for logging into your own Defensio account management panel, that functionality's in the works, so look for it soon! UI Enhancements If OpenID wasn't reason enough to upgrade your Defensio plug-in, we've also just added several new sorting & filtering features that should make your spam management that much easier: - Sort by Post Date : You can now sort your spam box by post date, meaning you'll see the spam flowing into your blog organized according to posts, in reverse chronological order. We think this will be a handy way to keep track of comments & spam associated with recently your posted articles. And of course, since it's Defensio, everything will be secondarily sorted by spaminess, making it uber simple to pull out the false positives. - Spam Bucketing: We've extended the idea of sorting by spaminess to aggregate spam comments into high level categories, or "buckets" (e.g. "Very spammy", "Quite spammy", etc.) which should be more meaningful than plain old percentages. While subtle, we feel this usability enhancement will helps to tidy up the interface and make it easier for you to get your head around the storm of spam hitting your blog ever day. - Trackbacks : One of the most requested features we've had is the ability to separate out trackbacks from comments. We've added this functionality via links at the top of the spam box that enables you to see "All" (i.e. everything, the current default) or strictly "Comments" or strictly "Trackbacks". This added flexibility should make your daily (weekly?) spam management task just a smidgen more efficient. Whew. Lots of stuff! Please do install the latest version of the plug-in (we're calling it 1.5) and let us know what you think!


Pixelpost 1.7 released, Defensio bundled in!

Posted: 14 Jan 2008 07:12 AM | Defensio, the blog | no comments

Our friends at Pixelpost just released version 1.7 of their popular photo blogging platform and guess what? They liked Defensio so much that they decided to bundle it in! The author of the Defensio plugin , Dennis Mooibroek , has been a big fan of ours for quite a while now. He was among our first "evangelists" and one of the first to volunteer to develop a plugin for his platform. His dedication and hard work resulted in an outstanding add-on for the Pixelpost community. Thanks to Dennis and everybody at Pixelpost! If you'd like to use Defensio in your own application, take a peek at our API at defensio.com/api .


Short interruption of service

Posted: 11 Jan 2008 04:30 AM | Defensio, the blog | no comments

We had a short outage (~1 hour) on our of our servers this morning. This might or might not have affected you. If you have a few comments in your moderation queue, please log in to your control panel and press the "process now" button. We are sorry for the inconvenience and are working hard on a permanent solution to this issue.

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