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Dotclearly Defensio

Posted: 19 May 2008 12:49 PM | Defensio, the blog | no comments

Another week, and yet another platform is adding support for Defensio. This time, it's Dotclear , a French blogging platform written by Olivier Meunier. The plugin, made by Pep can be found right here on our main site . Merci à Pep ainsi qu'à toute la communauté Dotclear. Nous espérons vous aider dans votre lutte contre le spam!


Little hickup, everything back to normal

Posted: 10 May 2008 06:17 AM | Defensio, the blog | no comments

One of our servers has been acting funny during the past few hours, which may (or may not) have led to some spam getting through or hitting your moderation queue. Everything's now back to normal. We're terribly sorry about that and we thank you for your patience and understanding.


Up-and-coming platforms opt for Defensio

Posted: 05 May 2008 11:56 AM | Defensio, the blog | no comments

There's quite a bit of action in the blogosphere these days and many new platforms are making their entry. Recently, two of them added support for Defensio: Habari , a "next-generation free software blogging platform" has gained quite a bit of momentum lately, It is considered a great alternative to WordPress. Plugin developer Matt Read had enough of spam and built a Defensio plugin for Habari. Although it is still fairly new, the plugin is apparently very stable and ready to use. Thanks for the hard work Matt, and to all Habari users: welcome to Defensio! Our other new friend is Aintablog (as in Ain't a Blog), an open-source Tumblog and feed aggregator written in Ruby on Rails by Pat Nakajima . The author built support for Defensio right into the core of the application. We, obviously, think it is pure genius. Good luck with your new project, Pat! For more information about Defensio support for these platforms, please see the Habari and Aintablog pages on our website.

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