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"Sexiest Video Ever" on Facebook

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"Sexiest Video Ever" on Facebook

Posted: 15 May 2010 04:15 AM | Patrik Runald | no comments

A new malware is making its way across Facebook in messages that claims to be "the sexiest video ever". A screen shot of the message can be seen below.



When clicking on the "video" you are taken to an application installation screen asking you to allow it to access your profile, wall etc. Once approved it claims you have to download an updated FLV Player to view the video and promptly sends an EXE your way.



This is the Hotbar Adware which displays ads in your browser based on your browsing habits etc. In addition, the Facebook application just installed will post messages on your friends wall on your behalf with the same "sexiest video ever" message.


We have seen these malicious applications use names such as K-Multimedia and Winamp.


Here's a video of how it works.



As always, be careful of links you click on Facebook. Note that if you clicked on the link but didn't allow the application access to your profile you are safe. You can also install our security application for Facebook, the world's first and only security app that protects your wall from unwanted messages. It's available for free at http://defensio.com

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