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Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Page Showing Rogue Comments

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Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Page Showing Rogue Comments

Posted: 26 Jan 2011 12:40 PM | Carl Leonard | 1 comment(s)

This morning Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook fan page is still down after having an apparent rogue comment posted to the page yesterday.  The short post was seemingly from Mark Zuckerberg but was an unusual message with a political theme. This is the second similar hack this week.  The French President Nicolas Sarkozy also offered a political message to his Facebook fans this week - apparently not from him though.


A screenshot of the rogue post to Zuckerberg's page is below:



The URL shortener in the message links to a non-malicious page on Wikipedia.


The current message delivered to users wishing to access the Mark Zuckerberg page is:



Although the reason for the rogue comment is unclear (a short message post seemingly political in nature), the event certainly highlights the need for increased security with usernames and passwords.  This is becoming even more important as many sites are now permitting sign-in using accounts set up in other social networks and services.  For example, Bebo and Yahoo! as below:



To protect yourself from malicious URL links and spam posts being made to your Facebook wall, try our free Defensio Facebook app.  You can download it from: http://defensio.com/.


Andy Ho said on Thursday, January 27, 2011 2:36 PM

Great blog Patrik!  I didn't know about it until I saw your post in Chatter.  This article in particular is very interesting indeed!

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