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Accounts Payable in the Czech Republic Targeted by Dridex

Posted: 05 Aug 2015 06:00 PM | Jose Barajas | no comments

Websense® Security Labs™ has observed an increase in Dridex being used to target individuals in the Czech Republic. Using malicious email lure themes related to invoicing, the campaign follows a typical pattern of targeting recipients using keywords like "accounts payable" to make...


RC4 NOMORE - Decrypting Cookies In Just 52 Hours

Posted: 16 Jul 2015 11:30 AM | Carl Leonard | no comments

Researchers Mathy Vanhoef and Frank Piessens, from the University of Leuven, have shown that they can exploit weaknesses in the RC4 algorithm in order to decrypt web cookies used to store end-user content when communicating with HTTPS-enabled websites. RC4 is one of several algorithms used to encrypt...


Four Adobe Flash 0-days In Three Weeks - Patches Now Available

Posted: 14 Jul 2015 07:45 AM | Carl Leonard | no comments

Following on from the revelation of a 0-day in Adobe Flash in June 2015 ( CVE-2015-3113 , since patched) 3 further 0-days have been discovered in the last 3 weeks. The 3 have references CVE-2015-5119, CVE-2015-5122, and CVE-2015-5123. The knowledge of the 0-day Proof of Concept code arose from analysis...


Large Malvertising Campaign Leads to Angler EK & Bunitu Malware

Posted: 10 Jun 2015 03:00 AM | ngriffin | no comments

Websense® Security Labs™ researchers have been monitoring a mass scale malvertising campaign that leads to Angler Exploit Kit . The attack has affected users browsing to many popular sites, including CNN Indonesia, the official website of Prague Airport, Detik, AASTOCKS, RTL Television Croatia...


What does the payoff in the Finale look like?

Posted: 05 Jun 2015 12:29 PM | Sindyan Bakkal | no comments

The seventh stage is the crowning glory of the attack kill chain and depending on the motive the attacker is usually keen to get to the data theft stage. In general, the previous stages help the attacker reach their objective. Attackers are known to go to great lengths to cover their tracks in order...

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