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Believe it or not—even MORE internet porn

Posted: 12 Jun 2012 05:19 PM | RM | no comments


In December of 2011, we blogged about the approval of the .xxx TLD (top-level domain) and discussed issues related to how these sites are categorized and how legitimate companies could avoid having their reputation damaged through an .xxx registration.


Under the banner "The Evolution of Online Responsibility," ICM Registry, the company behind .xxx, is now trying to establish .sex, .porn, and .adult to expand its online offerings. A company spokesman says it is prepared to battle for other sex-related TLDs in order to protect its turf, citing the firm's security and trademark protection practices, as well as its zero-tolerance policy toward child sex abuse.



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Let's be adult about it. xxx

Posted: 06 Dec 2011 03:31 PM | Elisabeth Olsen | no comments

On 12/6/2011 at 11 am EST, more than 100,000 Web sites are expected to go live with the new .xxx domain. XXX was approved as a "top-level domain" address last year by ICANN , and was set up to make it easier to identify adult sites. However, it has also had some unintended consequences. For...


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