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Published Friday, March 2, 2012 4:41 AM by Michael Newman

According to several organizations, on February 22, 2012, the National ICT R&D Fund, representing the government of Pakistan, placed an advertisement in the press calling on companies to submit proposals “for the development, deployment and operation of a national level URL Filtering and Blocking System.” 

Broad censorship of the internet by governments, and restricting citizen access runs counter to Websense Policy on Government-Imposed Censorship and the principles of the Global Network Initiative (GNI), which we are an active member of.

Websense will not submit a response to this request for proposal (RFP), and we call on other technology providers to also do the right thing for the citizens of Pakistan and refuse to submit a proposal for this contract. Broad government censorship of citizen access to the internet is morally wrong. We further believe that any company whose products are currently being used for government-imposed censorship should remove their technology so that it is not used in this way by oppressive governments. 

Websense will work with the GNI and other interested parties to continue to pressure our peers to not only refuse this RFP, but to adopt general policies so that they will also refuse to support government-imposed censorship of the internet in the future. 



Hira said on Mar 02, 2012

Thank you!!!! thank you so much!!! this is good news.. hope govt listen.. 

We have all supported this and will tweet about this good news from websense

Ziab bin abu ziyaad said on Mar 02, 2012

excellent! this is good news for our activist counterparts in pakistan, we also sent letter and made a request...


Aisha said on Mar 02, 2012


Huge congrats!

Sana said on Mar 02, 2012

Thank you for your response to the issue we have raised. Readers may discover more by visiting these articles: the petition: "Censorship is Big Business" – It Should Not Be and supporting articles  including  “Civil Society Demand Transparency From IT Ministry on Proposal for URL filtering and Blocking," Bolo Bhi, Feb. 22 and a subsequent update: “Civil Society Against Blanket Ban of The Internet in Pakistan: Stop the Firewall,” Bolo Bhi, may be found on our website at bolobhi.org.

tee kaay said on Mar 02, 2012

Thank you for your commitment towards freedom.

Kenan Dalley said on Mar 02, 2012

The company I work for uses Websense and now, after this declaration, I can proudly say that I support this company whole-heartedly.

Faisal said on Mar 04, 2012

Thank you & I hope others follow your example for the sake of freedom.

asif hasnain said on Mar 05, 2012

Big thanks for standing by us.

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