Report to show number of unique users to a specific website per day ?

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egroover posted on 29 Jan 2010 6:18 AM



I know I can specify a destination in a user report and then add up all the lines and count the users, but how do I do it to show, over a period of time e.g. a monthly report showing every day the number of unique users hitting a particular website (all in one single report)

The only way I can see at the moment is do 31 reports, add up the number of users clocking up hits to the site listing that for each day for each report i.e. a ballache


Please someone tell me it possible to do this in one report :) (using websense web filter 7.1 or is possible in 6.3?)


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In version 7.x, you can use Presentation Report. In Presentation Report, we have a default template called "Internet Activity Detail". You can Save As this template to a custom one and Edit it to your satisfaction.

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Hi Hacken


I did originally look here, but couldn't see one that presented a one single report that showed the number of users per day in a week without having to do a single report for each individual day.

Are you saying there is an option to do a weekly or monthly report which shows daily number of users hitting a particular website ?




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