Blocking Gmail in my environment

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John Leger posted on 14 Sep 2010 2:14 PM

I am using Websense 7.5 and have a limited access filter set up that allows access to

Now I have been tasked with allowing but blocking and as well as all the variations.


I can not get this to work.

It seems that the limited access filter is allowing anything to the domain and not blocking the gmail functions that are explicitly blocked elsewhere.


Any ideas?




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The KB about Gmail chat:

Some words in our documentation:

Websense Web Security Gateway now includes signatures to allow Websense Web Security Gateway and Web Security Gateway Anywhere to filter the Google Wave and Gmail Chat protocols on HTTPS.

Google Wave allows users to collaborate in real time via conversation and shared files, including documents, videos, and photos. Gmail Chat is a Google Talk feature that lets users send and receive instant messages.

Google Wave appears in the Web Security Manager Protocols window in the P2P File Sharing category. Gmail Chat is listed in the Instant Messaging / Chat category. Labeled "(WSG only)" in the Protocols window, these signatures are filtered only if Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) decryption and the tunneled protocol detection feature are enabled in the Web Security Manager Settings tab Scanning Options. See TRITON - Web Security Help for information about the tunneled protocol detection feature.

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HI john,

1 In the Websense Manager navigation tree:

Main--->filters--->Limited Access Filters-->select the filter which you want to edit( for example seleclt test  ) -->click advanced-->Enter in the content pane-->click add   

-->click ok and save all .

2 in websense manager-->policy management -->policies-->the category policy should select the test


Websense Express recognizes custom URLs exactly as they are entered. If you redefine, related sites, such as and are not recategorized. If you enter just, however, Websense Express redefines the domain and all related subdomains.

I recur your issue in my environment, and should be blocked .

Please try again and tell me the result.


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