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Chris DeHart posted on 24 Sep 2009 10:20 AM


We have a pretty stable world wide environment in about 50 countries and would like to prevent the DC agent DCConfig.txt file from automatically updating itself as our DC's are not changing from day to day.

 Is there a parameter to set to force the dcconfig.txt file to not update itself? 

We would like to remove all non-production domain's (and those of users bringing in their "MS Home" laptops and creating new domain entries) from the list and only reference specific domains and domain controllers.

I don't see a parameter that is readily noticeable in the .ini files to prevent this.  Anywhere I can look?



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Please refer to a KB article below:

To disable domain auto discovery, please refer to "Turning off Domain Discovery" section, and set DiscoverInterval=0 in transid.ini file.

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