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Jot posted on 1 Feb 2012 12:57 AM

We have Websense 7.1 integrated with W2003 server and DC agent.
Policies are based on domain users, and everything was working without problem.
but today, We've noticed that all sites are permitted and filtering block nothing.

in system Log, we have this 2 warnings :
- Source :WebsenseUserService
0x1488000: EnumerateResource() got error 1222 from call to WNetOpenEnumW(). For resource Réseau client Web.

- Source : Websense EIM Server
0xcc8000: Trans ID Agent: Disconnected from XID agent at this location. [server: Srv-websense] [port: 30600]

I tried to check testlogserver with IP Adress, but nothing was logged even if the machine is accessing internet.

Any idea ?


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Can you verify all websense services are started ?


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Hi Phil,

Yes, all websense services are started !!

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Did you try restarting all services (reboot server)?  That'd be the first thing I'd try in case something hung.  Very well might be filtering service down

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