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M Martin posted on 22 May 2012 5:27 AM

Hi there, for quite sometime now we have been experiencing an issue where the ISA proxy server is not filtering traffic, even though all the services and the websense manager seem to suggest no failures. If I kill the EIMServer.exe process which tops out at around 1.9GB memory wise and start the service, when it eventually loads the database it filters as expected.

Is there a diagnostic i can run on the websense service to know when it stops filtering? or failing that can someone log a call for this and contact me when they have time. Its not a show stopping problem its just that the filtering stops with no warning and no errors that i can see.

Thanks Marcus


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I used to have issues years ago where my Filtering services would just randomly stop filtering every couple months.  The way I found to detect it was to monitor the traffic between the Websense filtering service and the Log Server (since mine were on separate servers).  If the traffic on the logging port (forget it off hand but easy to find) ever dipped below a couple KB/sec during business hours I got an alert and knew that filtering had stopped.  I used a Netflow analyzer (Riverbed Cascade or Solarwinds) to detect this, but might be more difficult if your company doesn't have one.

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if you dont have a netflow analyzer you can always just hook it up to a windows pc and take a baseline of the data bandwidth being shipped across from point A to B, and kick off a perl script or something to notify you if the flow ever deviates from the baseline.

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