Reporting Browse Time Units - How do I read this?

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Dave M posted on 31 Aug 2010 11:30 AM

We are running browse time reports now, and I thought I had an understanding on reading the browse time units until I say todays report. 

Previously I assumed that since browse time was caluclated in minutes, that when I saw 1:03:32 in the reports it meant  Days:Hours:Minutes.  However today, I saw 2:40:32.  So now I am thinking its ???:hours:minutes.   What are the units here and how should this be read.



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I may have answered this myself... My previous post was for presentation reports, which does not show the units.  The investigative reports show them in seconds, so I'll assume H:M:S for unit formatting. 

I can only assume that the presentation reports follow the same formatting. Can anyone confirm that?

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Yes, the format of browse time reports is HH:MM:SS.

But, If you run a report on a user for Browse Time per day for one URL Hostname, you may get  times of example like :55:39:59 , looks like more than 24 hours in a day......

Please search< Internet Browse Time Reports: How do they work?> in our KB sites.


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